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23rd January

Very hot (over 36C) + home brew drinking + friends visiting from interstate = comic 1 day late

15th January

It was over 40C (104F) all weekend so no news this week

8th January

Who else is pissed off with the outright lies news and a correct affairs shows get away with, but even worse than their misinformed popularity push is their apologies after someone complains about being slandered.  These apologies are more like blaming the viewers for interpreting it as any sane rational person would.  An example of this is a malpractice story where a doctor was endangering patients and the whole story was presented from the front of a medical centre with its name in full view.  This medical center had absolutely nothing to do with the questionable doctor and the news program said it was the audience fault for thinking it had.  The apology was also a fraction of the time the original story took with the apology being roughly 3 seconds long compared to a 1/4 hour vilification.  I think when the media gets something wrong it's apology should be the same length as the original story, maybe then they will check their facts first.

2nd January

Yesterday was new years day and I wasn't feeling well so the comic is a day late.  Yesterday was also Australia's 100th birthday.

25th December

Today driving home I passed 2 fat naked guys wearing christmas hats in a little red car with the passenger holding a little fluffy dog.  So I thought if I have to have nightmares about this so should everyone else.

15th December
Home Brew Update

The beer has finished its secondary fermentation and has been shifted to a cool spot to mature.

14th December
Home Brew Day 5

Beer was bottled today and will now be stored in groups (incase 1 explodes the rest don't explode along with it) in warm spots between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius for a few days.  There won't be a daily update for this period.

13th December
Home Brew Day 4

Looks the same as yesterday so there is no need for a photo.  The air lock has stopped bubbling and the beer will be bottled tomorrow.

12th December
Home Brew Day 3

The air lock isn't bubbling as vigorously now meaning the fermenting process (yeast converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, the gas forcing the air lock to bubble) is slowing down.  The beer should be ready to bottle tomorrow night or the next day.  Then the beer will start it's second fermenting stage.

The beer brewing now has its home page in the recipe section

11th December
Home Brew Day 2

Air lock is still bubbling well and hasn't started slowing down.  The foam isn't as high anymore and today was again above the recommended temperature range.  The more detailed page is almost finished although chicken run (very good movie) has delayed the finish date by a day.  

Chicken Run was an extremely funny and well made movie.  I give it 9/10

10th December
Home Brew Day 1

It's hard to see but the air lock (s bend on top) is bubbling well and you can see the foam marks around the top of the barrel.  The temperature today has again been above the recommended range so this beer will probably be ready soon and be darker than average.

9th December
Home Brew Day 0

A home brew was started today.  A daily photo will be put here so come back and see how beer is made.  Tomorrow or the next day there will also be step by step photos and instructions on how to make your own beer at home.

4th December

Charlies Angels was the movie this week.  Overall it was a good movie although the final fight scene was a little weak.  I give Charlies Angels a 7/10

6th November

Not much news.  Finished all assignments, only have exams left so I'll finish the characters for the movie I mentioned a long time ago.  See the first character finished here.

30th October

Still busy with assignments and other projects I've been working on.  This weeks movie was Boiler Room.  It's a good film about a brokerage firm and any more of a review may ruin it for you.  I give Boiler Room 7/10

2nd October

Back to uni tomorrow for the last term before summer holidays.  Although the Olympics finished yesterday I still decided to do part 2 of the Olympic misinterpretations.

No movies worth seeing at the cinema so we spent the money at the video shop   This weeks movie review is Chasing Amy.  Chasing Amy is made by the very funny Dogma people and included the entire cast, even silent Bob and the swearing guy.  I recommend everyone should pick this movie up next time there is nothing on TV and there's nothing on.  I give Chasing Amy a 7/10

25th September

Athletes have been banned from bringing Fatso with when them to medal presentations.  I think this is wrong.  Fatso the fat assed is a damn good Olympic mascot and should be seen more often.  Hopefully the athletes will ignore the IOC and continue bringing Fatso with them everywhere.

Movie review week is hollow man.  Critics said it was a bad movie and for a change they were right.  There are to many errors in the plot so I'll just give it it's score of 6/10, the special effects saved it slightly.

The beer review this week is West End Draft.  Their Commercial says "the best end of the day is the west end of the day." I think a more accurate saying would be west end is best at the end of the day because hopefully by then it's lack of taste isn't as easily noticed.  The positives for West End is it's cheap and available everywhere.  I give it a 5/10.

18th September

If you have a pet click here

The Olympics are on and I have holidays for the next 2 weeks so the occasional Olympic bonus comic may appear.  This week I have also seen my first Fosters Commercial on TV, we never usually get them in Australia.

Bigpanda is alive and kicking again, so use it to get to your next comic or click it before leaving and going somewhere else.

This weeks beer review has returned to Coopers and more specifically Coopers Sparkling Ale because they have specially sent a few truck loads to Sydney for the Olympics.  Coopers sparkling ale is the best ale I've ever tasted and it's label appears almost every week in the comic.  Try and guess where.  What else can I say other than try it.  Try it now.  I give Coopers Sparkling Ale a 9/10 and if you know anyone is Sydney for the Olympics tell them hunt a bottle of sparkling and pale ale down and send it to you.


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